Diocese of Carlisle

St Nicholas, Lazonby., CA101BL

St Nicholas, Lazonby., Lazonby: St Nicholas
St. Nicholas Church. Lazonby Penrith Cumbria, CA101BL

Ordinary people seeking together to follow and serve Jesus - in the community, and for the community.  

Our church building is now open for private prayer daily from 9am. to 5pm.. To comply with guidance from the government during the coronavirus epidermic, do use the hand sanitiser provided and maintain social distancing if necessary. Feel free to contact one of our churchwardens or Rev. Katharine Butterfield if you need to, especially during the coronavirus situation affecting us all.

For Services and other events:  We are starting with modified services in a limited number of our church buildings, as well as maintaining an online service most weeks. Visit the 'Services and Events' page  to learn about these, as well as Friday morning prayers, downloadable services to use in your own home, and other sources of help. You can also click on the 'Our Website' button below to go to the East of Eden Mission Community website for up to date local online resources and information.

For general queries, please contact Neil Kennedy, as listed below.  An alternative contact is our other churchwarden, Lis Knipe, telephone (01768) 898569.  

FOR ALL YOUR QUERIES- AND ALSO BAPTISMS, WEDDINGS AND FUNERALS the Rev. Katharine Butterfield may be contacted on (01768) 898176. Email: kmbutterfield@btinternet.com Day off: Monday

To give online to St. Nicholas’ Church, click on the ‘Give Here’ banner below. For any queries on this, or to set up regular giving, please contact Roger Fox:    lazonbypcc@btinternet.com  or 01768 898051

FOR SAFEGUARDING: To ensure that we keep everyone safe, we have a Parish Safeguarding Officer, who does what is needed to keep children and vulnerable people safe. For Lazonby she is: Judith Kennedy, telephone 01768 898431 or email judith.kennedy@googlemail.com

Linked with 3 other churches in our group ( “Benefice” ) - St. Oswald's in Kirkoswald, St Cuthbert's in Great Salkeld, and All Saints in Renwick. 

Also part of the East of Eden Mission Community.  Find out more about them, or an overview of all the church services in the area, by clicking on the 'Our Website' button.

Visit the website


  • Joint churches Benefice Service

    United Holy Communion in one of the churches in the Benefice.

    Every Sunday at 10 a.m. for 60 minutes

    Common worship

  • Morning Worship led by Neil and Judith Kennedy and/or Lizzie Dugdale

    A slightly more nformal service led by authorised members of the congregation.
    NOTE: in August this is not first Sunday but August 12th.!

    Every 1st Sunday at 10 a.m. for 60 minutes

    Coffee, Family friendly

  • Sunday Worship from your own home - on paper - Sunday 18th. October

    If you can't go to church you can still spend a special time with God each Sunday from our own home and in the knowledge that you will be doing this whilst others in the Parish and wider Mission Community will also be taking part.
    Click on "View attachment" below.to upload a local service plan developed by our own clergy team in the local East of Eden Mission Community for you to use at home.
    Any queries to Rev. Katharine Butterfield: email: kmbutterfield@btinternet.com or telephone: 01768 898176

    Every Sunday at 10 a.m. for 45 minutes


  • Joint Holy Communion for our group of four churches

    Led by Stephen Pye
    Location varies from month-to-month.
    At Saint Oswald‘s Church, Kirkoswald on July 29 – note this is the fourth Sunday of the month!

    Every 3rd Sunday at 11:15 a.m. for 60 minutes

    Coffee, Communion






  • Friday morning prayers weekly, to bless our local community at 9-9.30am. Meeting at Lynwood, Lazonby

    Why not join in on Friday mornings to pray for the local community?
    It is a positive way of praying - especially in the current Coronavirus situation.
    We try to meet as a small group, outside in someone's garden, overlooking the community. But you can also pray from your home or your garden (great to hear the birds as well!), or find some other quiet spot nearby. Suggested prayers are attached as a PDF file upload - click on 'view attachment' below. If coming for the first time, or any other queries, contact Neil Kennedy : 01768 898431 Email: neilmckennedy@googlemail.com

    Every Friday at 9 a.m. for 30 minutes