Diocese of Carlisle

All Saints Church, CA10 1JT

All Saints Church, Renwick: All Saints
All Saints Church,, Renwick, CA10 1JT

 Ordinary people following and serving Christ - in the community and for the community. 

Our church building is now open all the time for personal prayer. Please use hand gel and observe social distancing.

For Services and other events: Our normal church building-based services and events are cancelled due to Coronavirus. But, in line with Government guidelines, we are starting to develop services in our church buildings again - visit the 'Services and Events' page to learn about these - as well as online services, Friday morning prayers, downloadable paper services and other sources of help. You can also click on the 'Our Website' button below to go to the East of Eden Mission Community website for up to date local online resources and information.

For GENERAL QUERIES please contact Jim Butterworth 01768 898431. Email: parkheadjim@gmail.com

For any query - as well as baptisms, weddings and funerals the Reverend Katharine Butterfield may be contacted on (01768) 898176   Email: kmbutterfield@btinternet.com Day off: Mondays.

FOR SAFEGUARDING: To ensure that we keep everyone safe, we have a Parish Safeguarding Officer, who does what is needed to keep children and vulnerable people safe. For All Saints' church he is: Jim Butterworth, telephone 01768 898031 email: parkheadjim@gmail.com

If you wish to give a donation to support All Saints' church, click on the 'Give Here' arrow below. If you wish to make a regular donation, please contact our treasurer, Heather Strike,  at: hjsrenwick@hotmail.co.uk or telephone her on: 01768 870740

 We are also part of a group of four churches (benefice). The other churches in our group are: Saint Oswald‘s Church, Kirkoswald; Saint Nicholas' Church Lazonby; Saint Cuthbert's Church Great Salkeld. If no services on in our church search for one  of them. We also belong to the East of Eden Mission Community, which covers a broader group of Anglican and Methodist churches.  You may find out more about them by going to their website - click here:  http://www.eastofedenmc.org.uk

Visit the website


  • Local Online Church - recorded on YouTube - ‘Zoom Zest’ service on Sunday 27th. September

    Although you can't go to church you can still spend a special time with God each Sunday from your own home- or at a time convenient to yourself. For Sunday 27th. September, this is a 'Zoom Zest’ all age service.
    Click on the ‘MORE ABOUT THIS EVENT’ button below to go to the recorded service on YouTube.

    Every Sunday at 10 a.m. for 45 minutes

    Morningworship, Recorded_service

  • Sunday Worship from your own home - on paper - Sunday 27th. September

    If you can't go to church you can still spend a special time with God each Sunday from our own home and in the knowledge that you will be doing this whilst others in the Parish and wider Mission Community will also be taking part.
    Click on "View attachment" below.to upload a local service plan developed by our own clergy team in the local East of Eden Mission Community for you to use at home.
    Any queries to Rev. Katharine Butterfield: email: kmbutterfield@btinternet.com or telephone: 01768 898176

    Every Sunday at 10 a.m. for 45 minutes


  • Please always check list of “One off events” for details of services.

    Services normally start at 9-00am 10am, 11am or 5pm. Some are joint with our nearby Methodist church
    We will try to keep this website up to date

    Every 3rd Sunday at 5 p.m. for 60 minutes





  • Midweek Holy Communion at Eden Court, Lazonby on the first Thursday of the month

    All welcome to this weekday communion - not just for residents of Eden Court

    Every 1st Thursday at 11 a.m. for 45 minutes

    Coffee, Communion, Space


  • Friday morning prayers weekly to bless our local community-at The Manse garden, Kirkoswald at 9-30am

    Why not join in on Friday mornings to pray for the local community?
    It is a positive way of praying - especially in the current Coronavirus situation.
    We try to meet as a small group, outside in someone's garden, overlooking the community. The nearest venue to Renwick or Croglin is The Manse garden, opposite Kirkoswald Methodist Chapel- but perhaps you can start a more local group!
    You can also pray from your home or your garden (great to hear the birds as well!), or find some other quiet spot nearby. Suggested prayers are attached as a PDF file upload - click on 'view attachment' below.
    If joining for the first time, or you have any queries, contact Keith Speck: Tel: 01768 898257
    Email: keithspck1@googlemail.com

    Every Friday at 9 a.m. for 30 minutes


  • Friday morning prayers to bless our local communities.

    On Friday mornings, for just half an hour, we meet to pray God’s blessings on our local community, through Jesus. This starts at 9 a.m., and we are outside if the weather allows! This occurs at the Methodist Manse, opposite the Methodist chapel, but is open to anybody. All over the country similar groups are praying at the same time. Do join us! Contact Keith and Elizabeth Speck for more details: 01768 898257 or keithspeck1@googlemail.com

    Every Friday at 9 a.m. for 30 minutes