Diocese of Carlisle

Inter-Diocesan Counselling Service

The Inter-Diocesan Counselling Service was set up in 1985 across the Dioceses of the North-West to provide professional and confidential counselling for clergy - individuals, couples, dependants, and colleagues - independent of diocesan structures, but with their support. 

It is financed by grants from the Bishops and the Corporation of the Sons of the Clergy.

The counsellors give their time voluntarily; they usually work from their homes so that the only cost incurred by clients is the cost of travel. Those in training for ordained ministry are also covered by the scheme.

The list below offers examples of issues covered:

  • stress within families
  • work related stress
  • relationship difficulties
  • individual development
  • bereavement
  • addiction
  • sexual orientation
  • colleague relationships
  • childhood abuse
  • reaction to trauma
  • marriage breakdown, separation and divorce
  • debt

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