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The Deanery is bounded by three main roads running close to the Pennines, Shap Fells and Howgills. Between these nestle some 100 small towns, villages and hamlets. Unsurprisingly, agriculture is one of the economic mainstays of the deanery, it having recovered well from the devastating foot and mouth outbreak.

Tourism brings in many people with its opportunities to raise our Christian heritage. There is little heavy industry above ground but British Gypsum is busy underneath. The Army at Warcop has one of its principal training areas. 

Against this background the Deanery is large in area, small in population (with some 13000 people), many Churches to maintain and services to conduct. The Deanery is exercised on planning for the future and there is much work to do. We pray that we are all up to the tasks ahead and can keep a smile for our visitors and ourselves.


Rural Dean
The Rev Stephen Tudway
The Vicarage
CA10 3AX
T: 01931 714620
E: stephen@northwestmorland.church

Lay Chair
Judith Harrison
School House
Silver Street
Crosby Ravensworth
CA10 3JA
T: 01931 715991
E: judith@performconsult.co.uk