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Ours is quite a difficult deanery, in that it is not only large but also heterogeneous. It contains the city of Carlisle (cathedral, shops, railway junction, administrative centre, etc), the fells (Caldbeck, John Peel, Chris Bonington), farmland (Solway Plain), coastlands (Bowness, Burgh Marsh), suburbs and dormitory villages.

Our churchmanship embraces the whole range of Anglicanism, and we support a flourishing ecumenical life which includes a university chaplain. All this, and the Bishop too! Obviously, we don't agree all of the time; dull or predictable it is not.

Deanery Prayer

Dear Father in heaven, you give us in equal measure, twenty-four hours each day and seven days each week. Help us to walk with you day by day, so that, whether we are on our own, or in the company of others, our love for you will show.

Help us in our places of work, our times at home, and in our recreation, to always put you first. May your love for us and our love for you be seen and be used to draw others to Christ - who came not to be served but to serve and to give his life as a ransom for many. Amen.


Rural Dean
The Rev Simon Bickersteth 
St James Vicarage
17 Goschen Road 
T: 01228 319830
E: simon@stjamescarlisle.org.uk

Lay Chair